Injured On Employer Property After Work? 4 Steps To Take To Protect Your Right To Workers Compensation

When you leave work, you expect to get to your car safely. However, accidents do happen. If you’ve been injured in an accident while still on worksite property, you may have the right to claim workers compensation. In most cases, workers compensation protects employees when accidents occur on employer property, or property that is maintained and controlled by the employer, such as parking lots and sidewalks; even if you’ve just clocked out from work.

Does An Attorney Have To Represent You In A Motorcycle Accident Case?

Although it would seem like an attorney will take any client who comes their way, there are some cases when he or she does not. This is particularly the case in motorcycle accidents. If an attorney who is not a public defender has the right to decline any case if he or she feels it is not winnable. Here are some of the reasons why an motorcycle accident attorney may not take your case.

Using Bankruptcy To Get A New Financial Start

Without the option of filing for bankruptcy, a person could find themselves with no options for escaping debts that they may be unable to pay. Utilizing the process of filing for bankruptcy is an option that may sound extreme, but it is one of the only options for being able to give yourself a fresh start with your finances. Start The Process Consulting With A Bankruptcy Attorney As with other legal issues and disputes, there are a lot of nuances to bankruptcy, and this can make it difficult for individuals to be able to make prudent financial decisions during this process.

What To Consider Before Getting A Bail Bond For Someone

If someone you care about has found themselves in jail and in need of help, you might feel the urge to jump at the chance to assist them. While there is nothing wrong with obtaining bail bonds services on their behalf, you will want to make sure that you are well aware of some things before you proceed. This will ensure that you are going into this agreement with full knowledge of what you are signing for.

Should You Get An Annulment Instead Of A Divorce?

When people think of ending a marriage within U.S. family law, they tend to picture the divorce process. There is, however, another way to end a marriage. Annulment is a challenge to the initial validity of the marriage and not a claim that the union has failed, and it may represent a viable alternative if you’re looking for the fastest way out. This blog compares the two approaches and considers whether an annulment or a divorce might be desirable in your case.

Injured By A Defective Product? 4 Steps You Need To Take Right Away

When you purchase a product, you expect it to perform according to guidelines. What you don’t expect is to be injured while using the product. Unfortunately, there are times when a product will fail and serious injuries will result. If you’ve been injured by a defective product, don’t ignore the situation. The manufacturer of the product may owe you compensation for your injuries. Not only that, but by filing a claim for the injuries, you ensure that others will be made aware of the risks associated with that particular product.

Tips For Putting Together A Workers Comp Case

It can be a handful dealing with a workers comp case. However, it’s absolutely necessary that you work hard to put together a case so that you can get money for your injuries. Whether you fall off a ladder while stocking shelves at a department store or fall ill due to contamination in an industrial plant, these cases all require your attention. It’s important too that you get the help of a workers compensation lawyer that can assist you whenever you need assistance.

Determining When You Should Hire A Workers' Compensation Attorney

Workers that sustain an injury as a result of their job are protected by workers’ compensation insurance. The employer must carry the insurance by law, but if the insurance company is giving you the run-around about a claim, getting a workers’ compensation attorney involved in the matter may be the only solution you have.  Workers’ Compensation Laws Workers’ compensation laws are set by each state in the US. The laws are similar in most states but the legislative body for each state can put their own spin on the law, making it easier or harder to work within.

Traffic Violations That Seem Ridiculous And Why You Might Need A Lawyer

Some traffic violations are understandable: You know you’re supposed to stop on red and go on green, so you keep the law to avoid a ticket. What happens, though, when you violate a traffic law you did not even know existed? What if it is a law that only exists in certain cities, and you just moved to one of those cities from a place that did not have such a law?

What Is Age Discrimination, And How Can You Sue Over It?

The feeling that your age played a role in why you were dismissed from a job can leave you wondering what your options for addressing the situation might be. It’s a good idea to get a sense of what the laws on age discrimination are before you move ahead with a case. Here are some key concepts you should learn before you get in touch with a firm that provides age discrimination law services.

Consider Your Options When A Property's Taxes Aren't Up To Date

One of the many reasons that it’s important to hire a real estate attorney when you’re shopping for a property is that he or she can dig into the property before you complete the purchase. Your real estate attorney will be looking for all sorts of red flags, including issues with the property’s property taxes. In some cases, the attorney may learn that the current owner of the property hasn’t paid his or her taxes in full, which can potentially leave you facing the bill after you take ownership.