Three Reasons Why Adoption Attorneys Are An Important Part Of The Adoption Process

The adoption process takes a lot of time and effort for everyone involved, from those looking to adopt a child to those putting a child up for adoption, as well as anyone that can facilitate this arrangement. Part of this is just to make sure that everyone is legally protected. As such, it's only natural that an adoption attorney would play an important part in the adoption process as they help legally protect birth parents, adoptive parents, and assist with those filing appeals.

Protecting Birth Parents

Adoption attorneys frequently work with birth parents that have come to an adoption agency for assistance. They will help protect the identity of the birth parents if needed, as well as ensure that their parental rights and responsibilities are all completely terminated. Many birth parents find that they can hire an adoption lawyer to handle the entire process on their end, without the assistance of an adoption agency, but many of these lawyers work full-time for agencies regardless. This allows for a team of lawyers to coordinate the paperwork for both birth parents and adoptive parents.

Assisting Adoptive Parents

Adoption attorneys also handle the legal aspects of adopting a child, such as becoming the child's legal guardians as well as privacy concerns such as with closed adoptions. Additionally, adoptive parents may need special assistance with the entire process, such as if they need emotional support or need help with adoptions that cross state or international borders. In these cases, an attorney (whether private or as part of an agency) is crucial. At the end of the day, an adoption attorney will work with both birth and adoptive parents for any given adoption. However, there are some situations where they focus on the adoptive parents.


Finally, lawyers that specialize in adoption will sometimes be hired independently of adoptive agencies to appeal denials of adoption petitions. Adoptions can be a tricky legal matter, and it's not uncommon for people to attempt to adopt a child and find the court has denied them permission. An adoption attorney can determine what reason the denial was made and find ways for the adoptive parents-to-be to appeal it.

Adoption attorneys make up a key part of the adoption process. They handle all the legal aspects that come with putting a child up for adoption and those that come with becoming an adoptive parent, as well as any appeals. If you are considering adoption, consider consulting with an adoption attorney.