Important Information You Must Give Your Divorce Lawyer

When you are undergoing a divorce, there are several questions a divorce lawyer might ask you and there are ways that you can prepare for your initial consultation with your divorce lawyer. By being prepared, you'll feel more confident and less nervous about how your initial consultation will go. 

Do You Have Children?

Whether or not you have children will always complicate a divorce process. You'll not only have to worry about how your divorce will impact your children but also who will have custody and whether or not one party will need to pay child support. You must make it clear to your divorce lawyer what your intentions are.

Have You Made Any Plans With Your Spouse?

You and your partner might have made plans for a collaborative divorce. If this is the case, your divorce could be much easier. Or, you may be already in a heated battle with your spouse and you may believe that your spouse will refuse to cooperate.

What Will You Not Negotiate On?

You will need to make clear what you will not negotiate on. For example, you may not be able to accept that your partner will receive custody of your child. Or, you may refuse to accept that you will lose the house. Your divorce lawyer will be more able to help you if she knows exactly what you must have. Also, make sure that the lawyer knows what negotiations you and your partner have already engaged in and the financial and psychological situation you are in.

What is Your Current Living Situation?

If you are still living with your spouse, you will need to clarify whether you intend to keep living with your spouse. Many couples in the process of divorcing continue to live together for financial reasons or to make the divorce easier on their children.

Are You Separated?

In some states, you must remain separated for a period of time before you may file for divorce. If you are separated, tell the family lawyer how long you have been separated. Your lawyer will be able to explain the advantages of getting a divorce over being separated so you can make a decision that makes the most sense.

You will also need to bring basic information to your lawyer such as where you live, the date that you acquired your property, information related to refinancing and title changes, and with what money you acquired your property.

If you have further questions, reach out to a local family law firm.