2 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Long-Term Disability Benefits

If you have recently been told by a physician that you should apply for long-term disability benefits after a major injury or diagnosis of a chronic illness, you may feel overwhelmed when trying to decipher the filing process. When you do go to file for your benefits, make sure that you avoid making the following mistakes that could impede your approval.

1.  Filing Your Claim Without the Proper Medical Evidence

The first mistake that you need to avoid making when filing for disability benefits is attempting to file your claim before you have all of the proper medical evidence gathered. While your doctor may have already recommended that you apply, you need more than just this initial consultation to prove that you qualify.

After your first visit, you will need to seek out a specialist who can order the proper tests to not only confirm your diagnosis but also show the extent of your injury or illness. You may also need to schedule an appointment with another doctor to gain a second opinion to show that you have more than one source for your diagnosis. If you are unsure of which doctor to go to, seek the advice from a lawyer who deals with disability claims. They may be able to direct you to an appropriate practice.

2.  Neglecting to Complete All Treatments Prescribed by Your Doctor

Another mistake that could adversely affect your chances of being approved for disability benefits is if you neglect to complete all of the treatments that have been prescribed by your doctor. Any treatments, therapies, or medications that have been prescribed are important for not only easing your discomfort but also showing due diligence in trying to get better.

If you skip physical therapy or neglect to pick up your prescriptions, they may believe that since you are not completely all of your treatments, you are not that bad off. They may surmise that you would be completing as much of your treatment regimen as possible if you truly are injured or sick. Make sure you attend every appointment and take all of your medications.

Along with the above mistakes, one of the biggest ones you should avoid making is trying to navigate the filing process without legal representation. Contact a disability lawyer as soon as you think about filing for long-term disability benefits to set up a consultation so that they can guide you through each step.