How To Adopt A Child In Foster Care Waiting For A Family

There are many misconceptions about adopting from foster care. Over 100,000 children in the U.S. foster care system are awaiting permanent homes. Foster care children are given the unfair reputation of being "bad kids." It helps to understand that children get into the foster case system because of abandonment, abuse, and neglect from their biological parents. For these reasons, foster care children have a hard time finding a permanent home. Read on to find out how to adopt a foster care child.

Learn More About Your State Adoption Laws

Every state has its own adoption policies and laws, which means the adoption process varies. If you are thinking about adopting, then you should learn the laws for your state. AdoptUSKids can put you in contact with an agency in your state.

What Are The Requirements?

To adopt from this system, you do not have to own a home or have a lot of money. Only a few states require the prospective parents to be married. Otherwise, you can be single. In 2014, single families accounted for 29 percent of adoptions from foster care.

However, a prospective family must prove they can provide a permanent home for a child. They also must provide a safe and supportive environment. You also have to support the child's educational, physical health, mental health and social needs.

How Long Does It Take?

When adopting a foster child, you must wait for the termination of parental rights. You also have to complete the adoption process. Prospective parents must complete the inquiry, preparation classes, orientation and home study. However, it can take around 12 months before the parents' rights are terminated.

What Is The Cost?

Many low-income families tend to think adoption is not an option for them. The misconception is that the adoption process is expensive. However, if you work with a public agency, then you usually do not have to pay any fees. On the other hand, if you do incur some expenses, then you can get the money back after the finalization of the adoption through the federal adoption tax credit.

Many families can get discouraged when it takes a lot of time to adopt a child. The foster care system allows any family to adopt a child. You do not have to be perfect to provide a good home. Every child wants to feel safe and to be loved. If you can love unconditionally, then you can be a parent.