Neck & Throat Injury Cases: 3 Financial Impacts For Singers

Whether it's a full-time job or a night gig, singing is a great way for great vocal artists like you to make money and do something that you love. If you've been involved in an injury to your neck or throat, the severity of the injury could impact your ability to sing. Not only will this keep you from properly using your voice, but there are financial impacts to consider as well. If there is a party at fault for your injuries, then a personal injury lawyer can represent your case and get you the compensation you deserve for any medical bills and financial impacts that have occurred. Understanding the following three impacts will help you be fully prepared for the case.

Vocal Training Lessons

As your neck or throat heals from an injury, you will start preparing to return to the world of singing. Your voice may not be the same as it used to be. In this case, you may have to take some vocal training lessons to get your vocals back to the way they once were. Through these training lessons you can learn voice control, proper notes, and ways to help control your breath. If your injuries required any surgeries or changes to your throat area, then you may need the lessons to teach you new ways to sing, control notes, and ensure that you are not doing additional damage.

The costs of these lessons can be added to your settlement case. If singing was a huge part of your life in the past, then adding these lessons will help you return to the proper quality of life you had before the injury occurred. Along with lessons that you have already taken, an attorney can estimate any future lessons you may need and include it within your settlement case.

Missed & Canceled Gigs

Singers are often constantly looking for future gigs and ways to make extra money. As a result of your injury, you may have missed possible gigs or canceled ones that were already booked. All of these factors are considered lost income due to your injuries. Moving forward with a settlement case can help you receive the income that you lost. Contracts or agreements from canceled gigs are a solid piece of evidence that can be used in your case.

Past gigs are also a good indication of future income that is lost due to the injury. For example, a lawyer can help you calculate your average monthly income that you made while singing. This amount can be used to showcase how much income you have lost each month and it can help make a huge difference on your settlement case. Special gigs should also be a part of your settlement case. For example, if you sang a special holiday show each year, the performance income should factor into your settlement case separately from the monthly average that you made.

Adaptive Equipment

As you prepare to return to the singing stage, you may need to purchase some new equipment to help you perform comfortably. This equipment would not be needed if you were not injured and can be included as part of the settlement case. This will help you receive compensation for the out of pocket costs you have to pay in order to sing again.

Special chairs, microphone holders, and braces may be needed so you do not strain your neck or vocal cords while singing. If you also play an instrument, a special stand may be needed so that you can play without straining your neck or injuring areas again. Receipts and price estimates for this equipment can be used as evidence in your personal injury case.

By using guidance from an experienced lawyer like Jon D. Caminez, PA, you can help get the proper compensation for your injuries and return to the world of singing when you're ready.