4 Things You Need To Know About Getting Social Security Disability Benefits

If you have been injured or disabled in some way you are probably wondering if you could get social security disability benefits. Many people have been able to receive benefits and it has been a big help to them while they are unemployed, or underemployed. However, just because you are injured or disabled doesn't mean that you will actually be approved for the social security benefits. Here are some things that you must have in order to get benefits.

1. You Can't Make A Lot Of Money

If you are making money still and it is over a certain amount, you will not get any disability benefits. The amount varies depending on if you are married or single, and generally it changes from year to year. But if you make over a certain amount, even if you have a legitimate disability, you will not receive any benefits.

2. You Have To Follow What Your Doctor and Physical Therapist Prescribed

Second, you have to make sure that you are following what the doctor prescribed and ordered for your healing. For example, if you have cancer and the doctor recommended that you do chemotherapy, but you declined, you will not receive benefits. If you choose to get some kind of holistic care, that is completely your prerogative, but it will disqualify you from receiving the benefits.

This also applies to physical therapy. If you were supposed to meet with the therapist to speed up your healing and you failed to do so, you might be denied benefits.

3. You Have To Have A Severe Injury

Another reason that many people are denied benefits is that they don't have an injury or disability that is severe enough. You might have broken your leg or arm, but the injury is short term, and with your injury you can still work. This is especially true if the given field you are in doesn't require you to have use of both legs. For instance, if you are an accountant, software developer, or something that works on the computer and at a desk, breaking your leg shouldn't affect your ability to do your job.

4. Keep Your Criminal Record Clean

Lastly, if you have been convicted of a crime, or have gotten repeatedly in trouble with the law, this could affect your ability to get social security benefits. You have to be a good standing citizen to received government assistance with social security.

By understanding these things you can know what you need to do to receive social security benefits