Hit By A Distracted Driver? 3 Things To Do At The Scene To Handle Your Personal Injury Case

At some point, everyone has seen that guy on the freeway that thinks they can eat, text and drive at the same time. While most of the time, seeing someone chatting away on their cell phone just makes you shake your head, this time is different. Realizing that a distracted driver hit you leaves you battling with a wide range of emotions, and it is normal to feel angry about having to deal with the effects of someone else's negligence. Despite your fear or anger, it is critical to stay calm so that you can accomplish these three things at the scene of the accident that will help you with your claim.

Avoid a Confrontation

When you saw the guy that hit you playing on his phone a few miles back, it is hard not to want to give them a piece of your mind. However, you want to avoid losing sight of what matters. Getting into an argument will only distract you from getting the information you need, and a physical altercation could cause you further injury. Instead of making accusations, stay calm and focus on sticking to the facts of the situation such as getting the driver's name and insurance information.

Document Every Detail

After a car accident, people often forget that things will not be the same when they come back. For this reason, it is important to document as much as you can before you leave the scene. Take pictures, and try to get details in them that prove a distraction occurred such as the driver's phone in plain view in the vehicle. It is also helpful to write down everything you remember seeing right before the accident occurred. While your personal injury attorney can do their part to gain access to phone records or video recordings proving your case, having times and specific instances in mind gives them a place to start.

Seek Medical Treatment

If emergency responders arrive on scene, allow them to perform an exam to determine if you have any injuries that need immediate medical care. If they do perform treatment such as wrapping a broken limb, make sure to get it documented. Then, seek follow up treatment, even if you do not feel hurt. Many injuries sustained during an accident take time to show up, and you want every injury documented when you file your claim.

When you strive to be a good driver, it feels unfair to discover that someone else could be so negligent as to cause you harm with their distractions. By knowing how to handle a distracted driving case at the scene, you will be one step closer to finding restitution for your pain and suffering. Contact a firm like Gomez May LLP to learn more.