3 Things To Know About Filing A Lawsuit Against A Beauty Salon

Going to a hair salon is a great way to get great results for your hair, but there are times when this event can leave a person with problems. If you recently went to the salon for a coloring and ended up with horrible results, you might be able to sue the salon for the damage done to your hair. Before you rush to see an attorney, it's important for you to understand the following three things about personal injury law and hair salon services.

What personal injury law is based on

The premise of any type of personal injury case is negligence, which is often hard to prove. It is also based on the fact that injuries or damages took place from the incident. These are both important parts of any personal injury case, and you will need to prove both if you expect to win the case.

For a problem that occurred with your hair, you might be able to prove both of these if:

  • The hair stylist failed to complete the steps correctly
  • Your hair was left damaged, or you suffered some type of harm from the way your hair turned out

To win a case against a beauty salon, you will need to prove these things.

Ways to prove the case

The first step is proving that the stylist or salon was negligent with the way the services were given to you. Proving this could involve producing evidence that suggests:

  • The stylist was not trained properly – If the stylist was not licensed at the time, or if he or she did not have the proper training to complete the services, you could use this basis in your claim.
  • The equipment was contaminated – In some cases, damage to hair or skin is a result of using equipment that was not properly cleaned and sanitized. It could also involve using expired chemicals on the hair.
  • The stylist failed to perform tests first – Before a stylist will color a person's hair, he or she will usually perform a test first. The purpose of this test is to see how the person's body and hair will respond to the chemicals.

The second part of the claim must be proof that damages occurred. If you have physical damages to your skin, hair, or scalp, you can take pictures to prove the damage. You may even want to go to a doctor to have your head examined, and you can use a doctor's note in your case to prove physical harm.

In addition to physical damages, you may also suffer emotional harm from this event. If, for example, you had an extremely important business meeting the day after you visited the salon, you may be embarrassed by your hair. You may lose confidence in yourself because of this, and it could even result in losing a major client.

How you can settle

If your personal injury lawyer believes that you have enough evidence to prove your case, he or she may suggest trying to settle the case outside of court. This is a much better way to settle any type of personal injury case, but it is not always possible.

The only way you will be able to settle is if the beauty salon takes responsibility for the events that took place. The salon should have liability insurance, which may cover the majority of the settlement amount. If the salon does not, the salon may fight the case to try to get out of paying the damages out of pocket.

To learn more about your rights, contact a personal injury attorney. You may discover that you have enough evidence to file and win a case against the beauty salon or stylist.